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SPANA’s World Tea Party

 The SPANA’s World Tea Party serves as a reminder that labouring animals shouldn’t have to live lives of suffering and pain. It’s easy to host your very own tea party, just one party can raise a lot of money and awareness. Click on this website link to access sources that can help show you how to host your own!

SPANA’s main goal is to improve the wellbeing of working animals in our World’s poorest communities. These animals serve vital roles in these communities, for the labour they provide and the commodities that they produce. The products these animals make can be used as both commodities that can be sold, but can also go a very long way for families experiencing desperate times in impoverished communities. 

You can get involved to help in a variety of ways as shown on their website. Some of these include general financial donations, sponsoring a stable and finding ways that you are able to volunteer your time.

SPANA can always use more help to continue the incredible change that they have made and continue to. Visit the website link to discover more about SPANA and learn about how you can help.

Check them out and get involved!


37 Gondola Road

North Narrabeen


Ph. 1300 149 080