With the coronavirus dramatically changing our daily lives, there are still ways that you can make our community and environment a better place. Here are 12 tips for you to keep giving back and making a difference. 


1. Call elderly neighbours or relatives who might be lonely.

Check in on elderly people who live near you – especially people who might need help with their shopping. 

You can also volunteer with Red Cross Telecross from home and call up elderly or frail people for a brief, friendly chat.


2. Build a “mutual aid” network.

A “mutual aid” network is a group of people in your building, neighbourhood or social network who work together to safely meet everyone’s needs.

This might include delivering food and medicine, and other essential supplies. 


3. Foster animals at home.

Contact your local animal rescue organisation to care for dogs and cats that don’t have a home.

You can also get involved with native animal rescue and fostering. 

For more info, search your postcode and select the ‘Animal Welfare’ category on this website.


4. When you shop, support small businesses.

The big supermarkets are getting lots of business at the moment. But your local greengrocer, newsagent or butcher might not be getting the same level of customers. 

Where you can, support your community by buying from small local independent businesses.


5. Donate long-life items.

Take them to your local food bank, neighbourhood centre, or community pantry. 

Search your postcode and type ‘Food’ into the search bar on this website for more info.

You can also contact your local council for details of community food services in your local area. 


6. Help your local Meals on Wheels.

Across Australia, Meals on Wheels needs more volunteers right now!

If you want to help the elderly, search your postcode and type ‘Meals’ in the search bar on this website.

Or contact your local council – many provide meal services to the elderly.


7. Donate blood.

Red Cross Lifeblood is running low on donations. 

Giving blood is safe. If you are able to get to a Red Cross Lifeblood Bank, please do so. They always need donations.

For location details, visit DonateBlood.com.au


8. Declutter.

Why not declutter your house and garage? If you have good quality clothing and other household items, you can donate them to your local charity op shop.

Search your postcode and select ‘Charity Op Shops’ – this will list the charity op shops near you.


9. Help our birds and bees.

Help out the bees and create a bee hotel for your yard or balcony. 

Birdlife Australia needs your help to report the birds that you see. You can buy or create bird baths and bird feeders to help your local birds. 

You can also become a citizen scientist!


10. Download the Snap Send Solve app (for free!)

If you can, take a walk around your neighbourhood. Do you see a pot hole? Dumped rubbish? Burst water main? Animal in distress? 

Snap Send Solve lets you quickly report these issues to your local council. Download it for free from the Apple or Android App Store.


11. Get behind petitions you care about.

Why not spend this time advocating for positive change? 

There are thousands of petitions to check out at Change.org

Right now, DoSomething is backing this one – chng.it/prwwVFL5


12. Check out our Action From Home section on this website.

There are many ways to help out from home using your computer or phone. It’s volunteering that you can do in your pyjamas!

You can count penguins on remote cameras, volunteer for the UN, or help to digitise old explorer’s notebooks for The Australian Museum. And lots more!


If you’re at a loose end, you can also volunteer with The DoSomething Foundation to help us with DoSomethingNearYou.com.au. Email us at support@dosomething.net.au to find out more!



18 March, 2020