How to Use This Site

Here’s how to use DoSomethingNearYou

  • Type in your suburb or postcode and, from the drop-down, select the area where you live.
  • Select a category that interests you, like ‘Animal Welfare’, or ‘Education’.
  • Scroll through the listings and read about the different organisations and what they do.
  • When you find something that interests you, contact them directly via their website, email address, phone number, or social media accounts.
  • Contact DoSomething if you have any problems or questions. We’re here to help people connect.

Here are five examples of how people can use the DoSomethingNearYou site:



Even though he’s been retired for ten years, Alexandros wanted to challenge himself.

Since he enjoys cooking and sharing food, he connected with Meals on Wheels and OzHarvest via the DoSomethingNearYou site.

Now he prepares and delivers food to disadvantaged people in his community, making friends with other volunteers and the people he serves.



Huian had just finished her uni degree in ecology and was interested in working for an environmental Not-for-Profit organisation.

Huian used the DoSomethingNearYou site and searched the ‘Environment’ category to find organisations in her field.

Huian got advice and experience from volunteering with groups such as Take 3 for the Sea and Parley for the Oceans, which helped build her career.



Siobhan is PR manager for a large company. By using DoSomethingNearYou, she replaced their office paper brand with one that is certified by the Forest Stewardship Council (FSC).

She also recruited a disabled employee from Jigsaw to handle all their document scanning.

She arranged for a group of staff to volunteer at AIME Mentoring once a week, and organised a staff excursion for National Tree Day.

By using DoSomething Near You she’s creating a workplace culture of giving back.



Jason is a young Arrernte man in year twelve who wanted work experience.

Through DoSomething Near You, he volunteered with St John Ambulance, helping out at festivals, sports events, and music gigs.

Jason learnt that he loved helping people, and he’s now decided to study at uni to become a paramedic.



Farhana and Mahfuz

Farhana and Mahfuz and their children all live on different schedules and wanted an activity that they could all share.

By using DoSomethingNearYou, they now attend Little Athletics events every weekend.

Their daughter has also joined Speaking Made Easy to help her with public speaking.

Farhana has joined her local Community Garden where she’s growing food for her family, and making friends who she otherwise would never have met.

Why you should DoSomething!

I like how DoSomethingNearYou encourages us to think about the ways that we can give back. It encourages people to get involved in their own community and effect real change.

Sandra Sully, supporter of DoSomethingNearYou

DoSomethingNearYou makes it a lot easier for people to get involved in community volunteering and charity events. Just type in your postcode, choose your suburb and do something that inspires you!

Jon Dee, Founder of DoSomethingNearYou

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