About Us

DoSomethingNearYou helps Australians to make a difference, both nationally and in their local community.

The DoSomethingNearYou website is run by the DoSomething Foundation. DoSomething is a registered charity that was established by Planet Ark founders Jon Dee and Pat Cash in association with Tina Jackson, the former Executive Director of the National Trust of Australia. 

DoSomething works with businesses, local councils and the general public to bring about positive social and environmental change. DoSomethingNearYou is the charity’s flagship initiative. Since it was launched, the site has had well over a million users!


Our Staff

Jon Dee

Co-founder and Managing Director of DoSomething

Every time an Australian switches on a light or washes their clothes they are affected by changes that Jon has initiated. In addition to driving the bans of incandescent light bulbs and phosphates in laundry detergents, Jon has played a key role in the banning of plastic bags and microbeads.

As a well-known social entrepreneur, Jon was voted Australian of the Year 2010 (NSW) for his contributions to Australia. As the main founder of Planet Ark, he ran the organisation for 15 years, turning it in to a household name. Together with Olivia Newton-John, he also co-founded National Tree Day and One Tree Per Child.

In addition to co-founding DoSomething, Jon was also the founder of Rock Aid Armenia, National Recycling Week, National Op Shop Week, RecyclingNearYou and FoodWise.

Jon is also a business consultant and keynote speaker, and author of the highly successful ‘Sustainable Growth’, ‘EnergyCut‘ and ‘EnergySmart‘ guidebooks. Jon also wrote and hosted 115 episodes of Smart Money, a live weekly TV program on the Sky News Business channel.

You can listen to the ‘Good News With Jon Dee’ on ABC Radio where Jon talks about the latest good news about sustainability and social issues. For more information about Jon, visit JonDee.com.


Andrew Randall

Chair of the DoSomething Foundation

Andrew is the Chair of the DoSomething Foundation that runs the DoSomethingNearYou website.

Outside of DoSomething, Andrew is one of Australia’s leading green energy entrepreneurs. Prior to acquiring Easy Being Green, a leading Australian energy efficiency operator, he was the founder of Jackgreen, Australia’s then only renewable energy electricity retailer. Under his leadership the company signed up over 100,000 Green Power customers.

Andrew is passionate about the environment, technology transformation, and the St Kilda AFL club, where he chairs their Business Network.


Kate Cole

Coordinator of DoSomethingNearYou

Kate is a conservation journalist, marketing specialist, and event manager. Kate has written for a wide range of publications over the past ten years, and worked as a production manager for numerous festivals. She has worked in a variety of fields including bush regeneration, climate justice, and Indigenous reconciliation.

To contact us about DoSomethingNearYou, please email Kate Cole.

Why you should DoSomething!

I like how DoSomethingNearYou encourages us to think about the ways that we can give back. It encourages people to get involved in their own community and effect real change.

Sandra Sully, supporter of DoSomethingNearYou

DoSomethingNearYou makes it a lot easier for people to get involved in community volunteering and charity events. Just type in your postcode, choose your suburb and do something that inspires you!

Jon Dee, Founder of DoSomethingNearYou

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