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World Population Day

Our population is rapidly reaching 8 billion with changes in our global fertility and life expectancy on the rise. On World Population Day we remember how far we’ve come in providing opportunities and securing rights and choices for us all. But it is also critical that we remember that these advancements are not global.

In an ideal world, our population of a near 8 million people would have just as many opportunities for all of us. Our ethnicity, gender, sexuality, religion, class, disability and origin, amongst other factors, would not influence the opportunities and individual rights that we are given. However they do and this day is a reminder that we must keep working on bettering our global community for the basic wellbeing and safety of humanity. 

Our population is rapidly increasing, with our fastest-growing populations being in our least developed countries. It is crucial that we keep up with this growth and go beyond to prepare for giving these growing and future generations the best lives and societies that we can provide.

With a near 8 billion of us, this change is incredibly doable and together circumstances for so, so many would be drastically improved. Our resilience and strength as a global community has been shown time and time again, we have the collective power and we just need to use it.

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