Land is struggling to recover after the bushfires, and people are struggling to make sense of the world during COVID.

How can we help both at the same time? Wild Seeds Regeneration offers an answer. Founder Tiaan Boni tells us more.


Wild Seeds meets Australia’s environmental hurdles through fun and social group tree plantings. This improves soil health, regenerates wildlife habitat, and creates human connection. Everyone knows that getting active outdoors is great for mental health, and doing it while creating new friendships is even better. Our aim is to create a supportive community of people who love getting their hands in the dirt.

Wild Seeds Regen was started in early 2020 out of a feeling of hopelessness.  My co-founder Tommy Berger and I wanted to do more than just sign petitions and donate money. It’s important to do something hands-on.

With our first events launched at the beginning of 2020, COVID has obviously thrown a spanner in the works. But we’ve got many exciting new tree planting events coming up this year.

We purchase native trees from local nurseries, and work alongside local LandCare groups and property owners to restore where habitat has been lost to landclearing or bushfires. We want to revive habitat across Victoria, NSW, and Queensland.

Our vision is to run a range of events, from corporate team-building, to family-friendly excursions, to festivals. It’s all about people getting their hands in the ground, feeling the earth and feeling that what they are doing has an impact.

We create corporate and social events across privately owned lands, planting native species as a fun and enriching bonding experience for the people involved. We can help regenerate sections of your farm, or can help you host a tree planting for your birthday party.

Our aim is to have these events be as fun and relaxing as possible. You won’t be labouring – you’ll be enjoying the outdoors and making connections with great people.

We have many flexible options for any type of event. And we also welcome people who are interested to organise local chapters of Wild Seeds in their area. Get in touch today to find out more.



Tiaan Boni is the founder of
Wild Seeds Regeneration. 

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20 January, 2021