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Wesley Mission

 For Wesley Mission, helping people is what inspires them every day.

Do you want to help thousands of Australians take their first steps towards a better life?

Then get ready to join Wesley Mission as a volunteer or by making a donation.

There are three main ways you can donate to the work of Wesley Mission: regular giving, workplace giving and one off donations. Each of these options help support life-saving services.

Volunteers are critical to the work of Wesley Mission’s community services – helping to provide more services, to more people more often into the future.

Wesley Mission have opportunities to suit everyone, whether you’re looking to help out at the head office or are ready to take on a challenge with colleagues or school mates.

Wesley Mission are supported by almost 4,000 volunteers providing 102,757 hours of service. This is equivalent to 52 full time employees and provides a saving of $4,100,000 in wages.

Wesley Mission are committed to supporting and advocating for the most vulnerable members of our society. As a volunteer with Wesley Mission, you will become an essential part of this critical work.

To Donate or Volunteer, email or phone Wesley Mission and find out more.


Check them out and get involved!


220 Pitt St



Ph. 02 9263 5555