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Ride to Cure Diabetes

Throughout the month of September you’re encouraged to get involved in the JDRF One Ride to challenge Type 1 Diabetes! JDRF, previously known as the Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation, is the world’s largest funder of type 1 Diabetes research. One Ride is the perfect way to know you’re making a big difference for the many people who live with Diabetes.

To get involved all you have to do is register, choose the challenge that works for you, raise as much money as you can, spread the word, and start chipping away at those KMs to complete your challenge! All of the necessary information and resources are available on their website

The ultimate goal of JDRF is to one day live in a world free of Type 1 Diabetes. Around Australia there is an estimated 134,000 people who live with type 1 Diabetes and a total of 9,000,000 people around the whole world. This is a cause that not only has an incredible impact on the diabetic community, but will also improve your physical health. To get involved, please visit their website!

Check them out and get involved!


Level 4, 80-84 Chandos St

St Leonards


Ph. 1300 363 126