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Playgroup Victoria

Playgroup Victoria is a not-for-profit organisation committed to helping all Victorian families discover the benefits of playgroup. Forty years on, they are still working to empower families to support each other and advance their child’s development. Their enthusiastic and dedicated team provide advice and support for Victorian families with membership services, playgroup consultants, training packages, programs, events and advocacy work with all levels of government.

For so many parents who are facing challenges in their life and need a little help in their parenting role, playgroup provides the support they need. Through the care and guidance of other families and/or a playgroup mentor, there is an opportunity to develop their individual strengths, increase their confidence as parents and find their place in a connected, supportive community. With a focus on the all-round well being of the family and child, playgroup promotes fun, learning and healthy relationships!

Playgroup Victoria enriches early childhood development. They provide a wonderful support network and lay the foundation for a bright future full of learning and positive communication.

Playgroups has a wide range of membership options to suit your needs. Visit their website to find out more and start playing today!

Check them out and get involved!


346 Albert St



Ph. 03 9388 1599