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Ovarian Cancer Awareness Month

Every February, women living with ovarian cancer, their families and supporters, and worldwide patient advocacy organisations come together to raise awareness about ovarian cancer.

In Australia we lose someone every 8 hours to ovarian cancer, giving it the highest death rate with 4.8% of all female cancer deaths per year. Every year there are approximately 1,800 Australians diagnosed with ovarian cancer. Its diagnosis is often difficult to obtain as many common tests and scans cannot provide a clear diagnosis. Currently the only guaranteed way to diagnose ovarian cancer is with a biopsy of the ovaries made during surgery so the cells can be assessed under a microscope.

Australia has to work together as a national community to support individuals suffering from ovarian cancer, their families, loved ones and medical professionals who continue to make miracles happen! Please visit the website link to learn how you can make a valuable impact and to see where you can get involved.

Check them out and get involved!


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