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Nup to the Cup

On average, one horse is killed on Aussie racetracks every 2.5 days because of race-related injuries. Make a stand for ethical choices on Nup to the Cup Day, a celebration that encourages alternatives to traditional horse racing events. In the spirit of promoting animal welfare and compassionate activities, participants can choose from a variety of events that do not involve or harm animals.

The rates of acute alcohol intoxication, assault and motor vehicle accidents sees a significant spike on Melbourne Cup Day, especially amongst men and young people. The police force see a rise in family incidents of assault, a heartbreaking result that is the reality of gambling addictions. There are so many reasons to not support the cup and these are just some of the many which can be found on their website!

Participants can engage in a range of activities such as cruelty-free picnics, fundraising for animal rescue organisations, or simply enjoying a day of relaxation and mindfulness. The goal is to inspire a cultural shift towards more compassionate choices, fostering awareness about the treatment of animals in the entertainment industry and the effect it has on our Aussie communities.

Join Nup to the Cup Day in embracing alternatives that align with values of kindness and empathy. Your participation sends a powerful message about the importance of making ethical choices and promotes a more compassionate and sustainable approach to celebrations.

Check them out and get involved!