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National Volunteer Week

This week is the perfect time to show our appreciation to those who go above and beyond to take care of our community and to see how we can get involved ourselves. Every bit you can do adds up to change peoples lives and make our society a better place!

The theme for National Volunteer Week 2022 is “Better Together” and it couldn’t be more true! Not only does volunteering improve our communities but it brings us all together. The incredible work that volunteers do within communities changes countless lives and helps set up our future generations for success. 

If you want to start volunteering and need help in your search, please utilise our website to help you! Our homepage has an option for you to enter your postcode, by doing this you can see what volunteering opportunities are near you. You can further refine the results by selecting your cause interests so you can volunteer for something you’re passionate about!

To learn more about this cause and the impact that volunteering has on our society, please visit the website link!

Check them out and get involved!


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