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National Playgroup Week

Playgroup is a not-for-profit, national network for small gatherings of young children with their parents and carers. It’s a great opportunity for adults to socialise while kids learn skills through play, and just have fun!

Children, particularly those under 5, have the ability to advance their development through play and socialisation. The creative and unstructured learning that happens during play is key for how our Aussie children develop. Not only are there incredible benefits for children who get involved in playgroups, the parents and carers of these children can benefit from it too! It’s an incredible space for families and carers to create support networks, share any helpful tips and make valuable friends!

These community-led playgroups bring children and their carers together to learn and connect. A previous theme of National Playgroup Week was “Playgroup is for Everyone”. The importance of this message is carried through every year of National Playgroup Week, as well as every program that Playgroup Australia manages.

Around Australia, there are over 7,500 Community Playgroups that usually meet weekly for up to 2 hours. These playgroups happen in various settings, such as public libraries, schools and parks, which makes many of their playgroups accessible.

To learn more about how playgroups benefit children and communities, please visit their website for more information and resources. On this site you can also search for a playgroup near you, make a donation and see any recent events or news. Keep an eye on their social media to see what they’re doing and for any updates about National Playgroup Week 2023!

Check them out and get involved!


Level 7, WOTSO Building, 490 Northbourne Ave



Ph. 02 6103 0173