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Minus 18

Minus18 provides a safe environment to improve the health and well-being of same-sex attracted and gender diverse youth within Australia. Minus18 provides peer support, social events, workshops for schools and offices, and organises campaigns to create a safe place in which people can learn about sexuality and gender.

They also provide information on how family and friends can best support their LGBT+ loved ones. They rely on the support of amazing people like you to raise awareness and funds for everything they do. It’s easy to get involved, and your support, no matter how small, will contribute to creating an Australia where all LGBTIQ youth are empowered and safe.

There are heaps of ways to get involved: Share Minus18 through your networks or newsletter Complete a personal challenge like a marathon Run a fundraiser at your school or workplace Or check out their website today for more ways you can be involved!

Check them out and get involved!


81 Rupert Street



Ph. 0478 098 540