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Kanyana Wildlife Rehabilitation

Kanyana Wildlife Rehabilitation Centre is set in a beautiful national park surrounded by jarrah forest in the Perth Hills.

Kanyana accept any native wildlife to their hospital 8am-8pm every day of the year. 

Kanyana want to offer a solution to everyone in WA who encounters a sick, injured or orphaned animal – bird, lizard or mammal.

They want to provide enlightening educational experiences for all ages and all sectors of society including schools, business, government, community and grassroots organisations.

Rescuing and caring for injured native animals is something you can do from home! It’s a great option for people who live in remote areas. Get in touch to receive training before attempting to care for animals, to protect both you and the animals.

There are many ways to help Kanyana achieve their goals. You can volunteer, become a corporate sponsor, adopt an animal or make a donation.

To see how you can get involved visit Kanyana’s website via the information block.


Check them out and get involved!


120 Gilchrist Rd



Ph. (08) 9291 3900