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International School Meals Day

International School Meals Day (ISMD) is observed to promote children’s nutrition, regardless of their particular circumstances. Connections made between healthy eating habits and schooling abilities cannot be ignored, which makes adequate nutrition essential for student wellbeing.

ISMD was created to build an international community to advocate for suitable children’s nutrition, particularly in school environments for optimal learning abilities and improved wellbeing. 

ISMD provides a variety of resources to help schools with meal guides and helpful teaching tools for children to understand their nutritional needs. Over this campaign’s 10 years, they have brought the likes of chefs, food and nutrition professionals, charities, health professionals, school cooks, businesses, teachers, students, policy makers, schools and communities, together to discuss the importance of sufficient school meals and the devastating impact on education.

It’s important that schools are acknowledged as great places to address youth hunger and poverty problems. Through nutritious in-school feeding programs, we can help our Aussie kids reach above and beyond! You can also read success stories from around the world on their website of particular school meal programs, and adapt them to your community needs. So check out their website and please contact them if you have any further queries.

Check them out and get involved!