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Can We | Bowel Screening Program

There are 300 Australians diagnosed with bowel cancer every week, meaning there are 15,610 new cases of bowel cancer diagnosed annually.

Bowel Cancer kills over 5,000 Aussies every year, making it the second most deadly form of cancer in Australia. Yet bowel cancer is one of the most treatable cancers when discovered early, with over 90% of early diagnosis patients treated successfully.

Can We, a branch of ACON, works to change how Australians understand cancer and shift the attitude from ‘out of mind’ to ‘top of sight’! Ensuring that all Aussies are aware of their health risks, how cancer affects our communities and the regular medical testing relevant to them. The National Bowel Cancer Screening Program will automatically send free at home testing kits, every 2 years to eligible recipients. Can We is a new organisation within the ACON network, dedicated to changing how Australia sees cancer and addressing the unique risk factors facing LQBTQ communities.

To be eligible for the Can We | Bowel Screening Program, you must fit these requirements:

  • Aged 50-74
  • You are entitled to Medicare, either through Australian Citizenship or permanent residency
  • Possess a current Medicare card or a registered Department of Veterans’ Affairs customer
  • Have a mailing address in Australia

Through Australians improving their health practises regarding medical testing, the impacts and devastation of bowel cancer could be seriously diminished.

Please visit their website to learn more about bowel cancer in Australia and if you’re eligible, sign yourself up with the Can We program to keep yourself healthy and your mind at peace! Remember to check out their social media pages to show your support and follow them for any announcements they share.

Check them out and get involved!


414 Elizabeth Street

Surry Hills


Ph. 1800 063 060