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Bundanon Trust

The multifaceted and bewildering nature of Bundanon creates a truly unique experience for every individual who frequents. Originally a gift from Arthur and Yvonne Boyd, Bundanon represented a bigger vision, a place of cultural significance that feeds artistic minds and actively preserves the environment surrounding it.

With an art museum submerged into the landscape, a wildlife sanctuary that covers 1000 hectares and the rich history of Arthur Boyd’s Studio, the Bundanon Trust is a cultural institution that enriches both communities and individuals.

There are many events and programs run through Bundanon throughout the whole year! So whether you have a family that’s passionate about native wildlife, want to attend a talk about indigenous art history or wish to immerse yourself in the stunning Australia land, there is something for you.

Please visit their website for more helpful information and use a contact option of theirs if you require any further assistance. You can also read more about the exceptional work being done by Bundanon and find an educational event topic that suits you! Keep an eye on the Bundanon Trust social media for any announcements or updates they share.

Check them out and get involved!


170 Illaroo Road



Ph. 02 4422 2100