Australian Native Bee Association

The Australian Native Bee Association (ANBA) promotes the conservation and sustainable use of all Australian native bees. ANBA achieves that by providing resources, disseminating information, supporting members and communicating with stakeholders.

The objectives of the association are;

(a) To promote, and protect the interests of its members (professional and amateur keepers of native bees)
(b) To support the protection and conservation of Australian native bees in the wild
(c) To represent industry policy at all levels of Government, private enterprise and the public
(d) To support the development of pollination services, honey production, trade in native bee husbandry products, educational services and other relevant activities
(e) To disseminate information of interest and relevance to its members
(f) To conduct and encourage research
(g) To establish, authorise and support branches in areas where there is interest
(h) To secure business concessions and services for members.
(i) Engage with indigenous communities and interests for l exchange of knowledge.

Please join ANBA to help the conservation native bees and their sustainable development for pollination, honey production and bee products.

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Ph. 04 3441 6053