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Animal Welfare League Queensland

Established in 1959, Animal Welfare League QLD (AWLQ) works for a brighter future for all companion animals in need.

AWLQ work with local councils, state government, rescue groups and the community to care for and rehome stray and surrendered pets.

They were the first in Queensland to open a Community Veterinary Clinic to the public, offering vet services for animals regardless of their owner’s financial circumstances. AWLQ strives to give every animal in need a second chance with a policy of zero euthanasia of healthy animals. They rehome an average of 200 animals each week from their four South East Queensland locations.

They run numerous programs including the the National Desexing Network, pet adoption and fostering services, Golden Hearts (pet support for seniors), education programs, and more.

Fostering an animal is something you can do from home! It’s a great option for people who live in remote areas, or have limited mobility (though please consider the exercise needs of the animal).

If you’d like to improve the lives of companion animals in Queensland, get in touch today!


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Ph. 07 5509 9000