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Animal Rescue Cooperative

RescuedPets is a GeoLocation platform backing the Animal Rescue Cooperative project, a huge program of volunteers and rescuers working in unison to get support where it is needed across Australia. Any animal  supporter can join. Any small rescue group, vets who rehome, support organisations, animal charities, TNR specialists, big shelters and small solo operations.  They cover all kinds of animals including native wildlife and domestic pets.

They are building the largest support hub ever for animal rescue in Australia. They connect hundreds of rescue groups together to bring help where it is needed. You can request supplies to support animals you have rescued, donate products, as well as offer your time as a volunteer.

Rescuing and caring for injured native animals is something you can do from home! It’s a great option for people who live in remote areas.

Get involved, offer support, get help or share with others. Head to their website today to find out more!


Check them out and get involved!