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YWCA  supports vulnerable people at those critical transition periods in life when they are more prone to fall through the gaps.

They are also on the frontline when it comes to improving gender equality and eliminating violence against women.

YWCA help individuals to support their families, create secure and resilient relationships, and build healthy inclusive communities.

They raise funds through profit-for-purpose businesses, donations, and government grants to provide a range of programmes and services. These programmes and services deliver domestic violence support, women’s refuges, homeless support, mentoring for young women, financial literacy, and life skills.

You can support YWCA by making a donation, by becoming a corporate or business partner or by leaving a gift to YWCA Australia in your will.

You can also volunteer with YWCA. To find out about the regurarly changing opportunities contact the Volunteer Coordinator at volunteers@ywca.org.au 

Your support will help the YWCA in their work improving the lives of women and girls, their families and communities.

Check them out and get involved!


Level 5, 66 Wentworth Avenue

Surry Hills


Ph. 02 9285 6286