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Wattle Day

This year, the 1st of September marks the 35th anniversary of the Golden Wattle becoming Australia’s national floral emblem. The first day of the Australian spring was chosen to allow all Australians the ability to celebrate together. 

Wattle, scientifically named Acacia pycnantha, is used as a symbol of Australia and its citizens. This vibrant native flora has over 1,071 species and its resilience is shown by being one of the first plants to regenerate after bushfires. These factors are few of many that make wattle the ideal symbol for Australia, reminding us of our Nations incredible diversity and resilience towards all that our communities face.

To learn more about Wattle Day and how you can get your community involved, please visit their website for more information and a variety of resources to guide you. There are various events that happen around Australia to celebrate, just search for an event near you or create your own!

The Wattle Day Association Inc. always welcomes new members and community involvement is of course encouraged! Visit them on social media to see what they’re up to and for any updates about Wattle Day 2023. You can also reach out to their President, Suzette Searle, with any questions or ideas using the email provided.

Check them out and get involved!