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The Green Shed Shop

Anyone with goods that are reusable and have commercial value can drop them off at The Green Shed at either The Mugga Lane Resource Management Centre in Symonston or at The Flemington Road Resource Management Centre in Mitchell.

The Green Shed accepts, repairs and re-sells second-hand bikes, furniture, clothes, building materials, and more. As of 2019 they’ve diverted over 61,00,00kgs of material from landfill, and sold over 66,000 restored bikes. The Green Shed holds a Charity Day on the last Wednesday of each month. On these days, 100% of all proceeds from sales are collected until $10,000 is reached, and the entire amount is then donated to a local registered charity. The Green Shed has, to date, donated over $850,000 to charity. For example, their 2018 LEGO Sale (where they sold over 1.3 tonnes of LEGO) raised more than $40,000 for the Canberra Hospital Foundation.

The Green Shed also offers an alternative disposal method for your e-waste. If your TV or computer still works, or you think someone could fix it or use it for parts, please drop it off instead of sending it to be destroyed. Reuse is so much better than recycling!

Rather than send you valuable goods to landfill, get in touch with the Green Shed today and give those goods a second life!

Check them out and get involved!


Mugga Lane




Ph. 0467 830 070