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The Ankali Project

The name “Ankali” originates from an Aboriginal word for “Friend”. Their community values social inclusion, diversity, friendship, and care. Paul Denham, a volunteer with Ankali, describes his experience:

“I had been looking to get involved with a volunteer organisation for about 12 months. The ones I came across were either really hard to get into or weren’t quite what I was looking for. I wanted to do something more unique and deeper than serving in a soup kitchen or working in a charity shop. With just about every Ankali client we support, there are vast improvements in their wellbeing. This program is so simple.

I just turn up and listen to my client for two hours a week or whenever he can make it. That’s all I’ve done. I am not a professional counsellor. I’m not a therapist. I’m just another human turning up to listen and emotionally support another human. The Ankali structure supports me when I’m not sure what to do and the training completely informs you of what to expect. There are no surprises. It is the most transparent and compassionate organisation I have ever experienced.”

To get involved with the important work that Ankali do, get in touch with them today!

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150 Albion St




Ph. 02 9332 9742