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Starlight Children’s Foundation – QLD – Mater Children’s Hospital

Starlight is committed to ensuring that they provide a positive experience for all their wonderful volunteers.

In order to do this they look for passionate, skilled and committed people and match them to specific volunteering opportunities.

Due to the nature of the work that Starlight carries out, their volunteer opportunities do not cater for one-off volunteer days, with the exception of Starlight Day.

However, you may want to consider having a fundraiser at work or with your friends to help them continue delivering their programs to the children and their families.

Programs provided by Starlight include, Captain Starlight, The Starlight Express Room, Starlight Wish Granting, Starlight Fun Centres, Starlight TV, Livewire Online, Livewire In-Hospital.

Click on the information block to see how you can get involved.

Check them out and get involved!


Raymond Terrace

South Brisbane



Ph. 1300 727 827