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Sports Aviation Federation of Australia

Ever wanted to be a bird and fly in the sky?

See the world from a different perspective by hang gliding, paragliding or triking.

Regardless of which type of flyer you are, this sport is sure to satisfy your sense of adventure.

Forget the confines of the airport – imagine skimming so close to a remote mountain, climbing under a cloud, flying for hours soaring high and low in the air.

Why not contact the Sports Aviation Federation of Australia to find a local club near you, so you can get involved?

It doesn’t matter what role you take on in Hang Gliding, as long as you have one. Whether it is coaching, competing or serving on a board or committee, you will be having fun.

Get a breath of fresh air and make a difference.

Check them out and get involved!


Keilor East


Ph. 03 9336 7155