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Sisters of Charity Foundation

Founded in 2000, the purpose of the Sisters of Charity Foundation Fund is to provide hope, dignity and practical assistance to those who receive little or no funding from other sources. Community Grants Program – offering $15,000 for community projects and programs each year. Tertiary Scholarship Program – providing scholarships to young adults who can’t otherwise continue their education. Providence House – Up to 70% of asylum seekers receive no government support, 50% are not permitted to work and more than 30% are battling mental health issues such as post-traumatic stress. Providence House provides emergency and transitional housing for asylum seekers in Australia. 100% of your donation goes directly to those in need. Sisters of Charity take no administration fees, ensuring that every cent that you donate to charity is used directly to improve the lives of people who are marginalised in our communities.

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Level 7, 35 Grafton Street

Bondi Junction


Ph. 2 9367 1211