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Save the Children Op Shop West Ryde

Every purchase in a Save the Children op shop helps to create better lives for children in Australia and overseas. Revenue from their op shops funds programs ensuring children have access to quality healthcare, education, and protection from exploitation. In 2018 alone, Save the Children directly reached more than 40 million children in 116 countries.

So, if you’re looking for a new home for your books, bric-a-brac, furniture, clothing and homewares gathering dust on shelves, or you’re wanting to make space in your wardrobe for some new threads, please contact your nearest shop.

All their op shops are run by volunteers and without the regular contribution of volunteers, they simply couldn’t open these stores. Find out how you can volunteer at your local store and help children in need!

If you'd like to donate a large item, please call ahead to check that they can receive what you have to give. Op shops spend millions of dollars a year on rubbish removal so please don't give broken, dirty, or poor quality items.

Check them out and get involved!


2F Ryedale Road

West Ryde



Ph. (02) 9809 1710