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Queensland Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Foundation

The heart of the Foundation is the QCE Scholarship Program, a two-year scholarship which supports students commencing Year 11. The scholarship has been granted to over 8,700 students at over 300 schools since its began in 2010.

It used to be that Indigenous students left school earlier and more often that other kids, but statistics show that gap is rapidly closing, thanks in part to great programs such as this.

The scholarshipโ€™s intention is to increase Indigenous student retention, and is used to complement existing school and community programs. It provides a level of financial support without which recipients would have found it difficult or impossible to attain a QCE qualification.

To get involved with QATSIF, as a donor, a coordinating school or in some other way, visit their website today!

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2/301 Water Street

Fortitude Valley


Ph. 07 3257 1777