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Pollinate Group

Pollinate is an Australian not-for-profit improving the lives of India’s urban poor with sustainable energy products. Over 65 million people live in India’s slums. They pften lack electricity, clean water and other basics. Families have no choice but to drink polluted water from rivers and ponds, and use toxic stoves and kerosene lamps for food and light. This leads to pneumonia, lung cancer and blindness. Pollinate trains women and educates families to use products that are cleaner, safer and healthier. They create a community of empowered females and equip them with the tools to help improve their community. Pollinate also runs global fellowship programs to inspire future leaders by providing a hands-on learning experience about sustainability, poverty alleviation and social entrepreneurship. If you’d like to be involved you can donate, purchase products from Pollinate, fundraise, or volunteer from anywhere in the world! If you’re a business, they also welcome corporate partnerships. If you’re passionate about empowering female leaders, alleviating poverty and sustainable living, contact them today about how you can help create meaningful change!

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713 Brunswick St

Fitzroy North


Ph. 0468 764 056