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Penguin Awareness Day

January 20th is annually celebrated as Penguin Awareness Day, so it’s important we use our voices to raise awareness of how individuals and communities can protect penguin species.

There are 18 penguin species that primarily reside in the Southern Hemisphere, 72% of these species show declining populations and 5 are considered endangered. Tragically, without the necessary protection protocols and conservation measures, these species will face extinction.

So how can you do your part to protect these penguins? By consuming responsibly, educating yourself about ethical seafood and sustainable farming practises, ensuring your fuel and oil lines are operational due to the deadly impacts of oil pollution on marine habitats, researching what you can do to reduce your carbon emissions and supporting the conservation work that’s saving our penguins every day.

To learn more about these fascinating animals, visit their website for more information, videos and helpful resources. You can also sign up to the Australian Environmental Education Newsletter to receive important announcements and check out their social media for any updates about Penguin Awareness Day 2023! To contact the team at Australian Environmental Education, please use the contact form on their website so they can assist you.

Check them out and get involved!