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Overland Corner Hotel, Overland Corner and Heron Bend Reserve – National Trust Property

Help the National Trust protect our heritage by undertaking a regular volunteer commitment!

The National Trust works to preserve and promote Australia’s indigenous, environmental, and built heritage and culture.

A huge number of positions are available across the state varying from front of house, food service and clerical roles to guiding, research, promotions and fundraising.

Volunteering at the National Trust is a fantastic way to meet new people, develop new skills and contribute to the history of your local community.

About this site: The first stage of construction of the Overland Corner Hotel began in 1859. An 1872 underground water tank is still in existence and from 1897-1913 the Hotel functioned as a post office. Artefacts are on display throughout the hotel and the reserve, located on a scenic gum-lined section of the river, has a backdrop of high limestone cliffs. The hotel continues to be a popular gathering place.

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Old Coach Road

Overland Corner



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