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National Pet Adoption Month

Today celebrates the adopted animals who bring joy to our lives. Thousands of healthy animals are euthanised each years because suitable homes can’t be found for them – you can save a life and enrich your own by adopting a pet.

PetRescue has been collaborating with PETstock since 2015, bringing National Pet Adoption Month to over 100 PETstock stores. Throughout the years they have blessed over 12,000 pets with their new home! You can also read some of these furry friends stories on their website.

Wether they’re furry, feathery or scaly, these homeless animals deserve to find their loving forever home! Through the support of animal lovers and adopters, National Pet Adoption Month is able to fast-track essential initiatives that give the most vulnerable pets a much needed boost. Cats, big dogs, and bonded pets were discovered to have the hardest time finding a new home. While they may struggle a bit more it doesn’t mean that they aren’t the perfect pairing for someone out there!

To learn more about the exciting ways you can get involved and the incredible work they do, please visit their website. 

Check them out and get involved!