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National Child Protection Week (NCPW)

Child abuse and neglect is preventable. If we all work together as a community we can create an Australia where all children can grow up safe and well. What role can you play in supporting children and their families?” – Richard Cooke, CEO, NAPCAN

National Child Protection Week (NCPW) was started over 30 years ago by NAPCAN as a campaign effort to involve and educate all Australians about child welfare and safety concerns. We all have a job to do in ensuring the safety of Aussie kids and youth.

NPCW works to engage, empower and educate communities about the complexities of child abuse and neglect. By educating our local and national communities, we can continue to work together to prevent and eradicate child abuse and neglect. NCPW works to achieve this by informative webinars and events for individuals to attend, and creating resources that empower conversations concerning child safety.

Visit their website to see how you, your family and even your workplace, can get involved in protecting the safety and wellbeing of Aussie kids! You can also find more information on webinars and events near you, as well as more information on the importance of the work being done. Please visit their social media pages for any information or updates they share and to show them your support!

Check them out and get involved!


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