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Music Outback Foundation SA

Music Outback Foundation (MOF) believes that Indigenous kids in remote Australia should have the same opportunities as other Australian children. This means the same chance for education, cultural connection, and self-esteem.

With a group of over 50 committed workers and volunteers, MOF works in partnership with remote community elders, parents, kids and schools. Their annual flagship event is Mobfest, a festival for all participating schools. It’s an event where kids share their achievements in songwriting and performance with each other, their families, and communities.

MOF run intensive workshops each term at over 20 participating schools, an annual Mobfest event in each region, and all sorts of exciting ideas on the table for the future!

If you would like to help Music Outback Foundation keep on running, visit their website and make a donation today!

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Ph. 02 6685 3447