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Mission Australia

Mission Australia’s nationwide services help people find safe and affordable housing, support disadvantaged children and families, empower troubled young people, assist people with mental illness and disability, and much more. Early intervention and prevention is at the heart of their work.

Every day they support people by combating homelessness, assisting disadvantaged families and children, addressing mental health issues, fighting substance dependencies, and much more.

Every week hundreds of people from all walks of life donate their time, knowledge, and energy to help Mission Australia. Among them are students, retirees, people wishing to make friends and gain skills, as well as professionals who want to share their talents and experience.

They’re generously supported by their funders, partners and tens of thousands of everyday Australians, who offer their time as volunteers. This could include you! Get in touch today to find out more.

Check them out and get involved!


363 Pitt St Level 2



Ph. 1800 88 88 68