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Lung Cancer Community Walks

Step up for lung health during the Lung Cancer Community Walks, an event dedicated to raising awareness, promoting early detection, and supporting those affected by lung cancer. The walks provide a platform for individuals and communities to come together in the fight against this disease.

Lung cancer is a leading cause of cancer-related deaths worldwide, and Lung Cancer Community Walks aim to make a significant impact on changing this statistic. The event encourages participants to stride for lung health, emphasising the importance of early detection through screenings and fostering a supportive community for those facing the challenges of lung cancer.

Get involved by registering for a walk, forming a team, or supporting participants. Funds raised contribute to lung cancer research, patient support programs, and educational initiatives aimed at increasing awareness about risk factors and symptoms.

Lung Cancer Community Walks create a space for honouring survivors, remembering those lost, and advocating for a future where lung cancer is preventable and treatable! By participating, you actively contribute to the movement for lung health and in supporting individuals and families affected by this horrific disease.

Check them out and get involved!


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