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Living Positive Victoria

Ssince 1988 Living Positive Victoria (LPV) has shared the vision of a world where people with HIV live their lives to their full potential, in good health and free from discrimination.

LPV seeks to empower those impacted by HIV and thus contribute to its eradication. They provide workshops, peer-support, activities and advocation for those living with or impacted by HIV. They aim to dispell myths and spread current information above HIV, such as the fact that people who are on effective HIV treatment cannot pass the virus on.

Interested in helping out? You can donate, become a member, become a professional partner, or volunteer your time. Volunteers can participate in a range of roles, through assisting with community events, forums and festivals, fundraising, administration or even joining the Board of Directors.

If you want to support people with HIV and help to stop the spread of HIV, get in touch with LPV today!

Check them out and get involved!


Coventry House, Ground Floor, 95 Coventry Street



Ph. 03 9863 8733