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Kinchela Boys Home Aboriginal Corporation

Between June 1924 and May 1970, authorities of the state of New South Wales incarcerated 400 to 600 Aboriginal boys in the Kinchela Boys Home (KBH). Many boys had already experienced some other form of institutionalisation, since their removal from their families, and suffered further traumatic abuse at the KBH.

Led by the KBH survivors and their families, the Kinchela Boys Home Aboriginal Corporation empowers positive, healthy peer support models that address the reconstruction of identity and restoration of family structures. They work with partner organisations to identify major issues of health and well-being for its members, and together with its partners, develop ways to heal the consequences of loss, grief, violence and abuse.

KBHAC calls on the support of all Australians to advance its vision and goals. You can donate now and make a real difference in the lives of KBH survivors.

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631 Elizabeth Street




Ph. 02 9051 1690