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International Day of the Tropics

The United Nations started the International Day of the Tropics, observed every year on the 29th of June, to celebrate the communities of tropical regions, increase worldwide knowledge of tropical biodiversity and shine a light on the unique challenges that threaten their environment. 

Tropical climates account for 40% of both the world’s surface area and species population. This region is situated around the equator, stretching from Northern Australia to Central Africa and South America. Being home for approximately 80% of the Earth’s biodiversity makes tropics the most diverse region on earth, and integral to the function of eco systems everywhere. 

Not only do these environments display remarkable biodiversity systems, they also provide for some of the world’s most diverse and fascinating cultures. In Queensland Australia, countless Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander cultures reside in regional, remote and island communities within Australia’s tropical climates. 

The future of our worlds population and biodiversity lies within these tropical environments. Countries that are home to tropical climates are at the forefront of ensuring that tropics thrive and survive the detriments of climate change.

For the longevity and protection of Australia’s incredible tropical biomes, indigenous cultures and biodiversity systems, communities must work together to solve the problems and challenges that inflict tropical climates. Please visit their website to learn more about how you can support these communities and environments, to ensure the future of this incredible environment and the human system!

Check them out and get involved!