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International Day of Forests

Australia’s beautiful forests are important for the health of all plants, animals, and people across this country. Forests are the ‘lungs’ that purify air, and play a huge role in balancing the climate.

The wellbeing and protection of forests is essential to combatting climate change and ensuring our future generations can continue to benefit from these eco systems. Forests are more important to humans than many of us would realise. For every glass of water, piece of paper and bit of medicine we ingest, it can be brought back to a result of forests.

These places are not only important for our environment but for Australia’s beautiful Indigenous peoples and culture. Australia’s land tells a story and these beautiful forests have to be protected and nurtured.

Please visit this website link to learn more about the importance of forests to our environment and human wellbeing. There are many ways that you can get involved so check it out and see what you can do!

Check them out and get involved!