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International Day of Education

This celebration shows that education is humanity’s greatest renewable resource. Education is a fundamental right for all people, and brings benefits to families, communities, and the whole world.

Education is a human right for the good of both individuals and our communities. This is why the theme for International Day of Education 2023 is “to invest in people, prioritise education”. Education is one of the foundations that must be protected and prioritised. The United Nations sees that this is essential in order to achieve the Sustainable Development Goals. 

Around the world there are 244 million children out of school and 771 million adults who are illiterate. While there are often many other factors that influence this such as socio-economic status, environmental factors, cultural barriers and more, this is a violation of the basic human right to education. Inclusive and equitable education is what gives communities and countries the ability to break cycles and empower those within.

To see more information on how you can get involved in this incredibly important day you can visit their website. There are resources that you can access to learn more and you can also read about the #RightToEducation campaign to see how you can show your support on social media.

Check them out and get involved!