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Indigenous Community Volunteers

Indigenous Community Volunteers (ICV) do things with, not to or for, Australia’s Indigenous people. They believe Indigenous people are incredibly resilient and resourceful but sometimes lack the opportunities to make their dreams come true. This organisation respects local knowledge and gives people control over decisions that effect their lives. They work with Indigenous communities that request their help to raise their health, wellbeing and self-sufficiency by providing skills and resources they wouldn’t usually have access to. Interested in volunteering? Being invited to live and work in Indigenous communities is a rare privilege. ICV volunteers come from all walks of life – you could have skills in a range of areas from horticulture, to IT, to accounting, to plumbing. The only thing volunteers need in common is a desire to help Indigenous communities realise their dreams. Does this sound like you? To volunteer, make a donation, fundraise, or learn more about ICV, visit their website today!

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1/67 Townshend Street



Ph. 02 6122 6444