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Gridiron Australia

Does your idea of fun include playing gridiron?

Gridiron Australia is the Australian Government recognised governing body of American Football in Australia.

With many opportunities to play or volunteer, Gridiron is a great way to stay active and promote healthy living. Why not find your nearest club today?

Don’t want to take to the field but love the game? There are many opportunities to volunteer to coach, take on administrative tasks, manage, organise events or take part in gridiron.

There are always ways to help out and support your community in an active and healthy way. Your dedicated efforts can help the development of Australia’s sport clubs.

Getting involved with sports can also be a fun activity to share with friends, families or co-workers.

Doing something sporty allows you to do good, feel good and connect to a great cause.

Why not get active and volunteer with Gridiron Australia?

Check them out and get involved!