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Great Northern Clean Up QLD

Running from August to October, the Great Northern Clean Up removes garbage from the beautiful beaches across North Western Australia, the Northern Territory and Queensland. You can get involved and make a big difference to Australian marine life.

Are you a smoker or do you know one? You might be able to play a key part in Australia’s litter reduction! Cigarette butts are the highest grossing litter around the world with 8.9 billion butts dropped around Australia every year.

By participating in the Great Northern Clean Up you can make a massive difference in the health of your local environment and wildlife while making some Earth-saving habits!

To show your commitment to the Great Northern Clean Up you can post a photo of you and your pledge. Make sure you remember to tag @CleanUpAustralia and use the hashtag #StepUptoCleanUp. You can organise a fun clean up with your friends or local community, then just register your clean up at the website link attached.

Check them out and get involved!


Level 7, 140 Arthur Street

North Sydney


Ph. 1800 282 329