Garage Trail Sale

Garage Sale Trail is a grass roots idea that was born in Bondi Beach way back in 2010 as means to encourage reuse, celebrate creativity and bring local people together in a fun & social way.

Fast forward to 2017 and Garage Sale Trail is supported by over 150 Councils and 5 State / Territory Government departments Australia-wide.

Garage Sale Trail is run by Australian not-for-profit, Garage Sale Trail Foundation which is on a mission to create positive social and environmental change. Garage Sale Trail believe that big change begins with small actions and that sustainability is best when it’s fun and social.

Turn your old stuff into someone’s new stuff during this years National Garage Sale Trail. By hosting your own sale, or shopping at others you can help promote community, keep rubbish off our streets or landfills, say no to useless production and find one of those retro lamp shades you’ve always wanted so much.

Join the trail and register your sale on the national website today.

Check them out and get involved!