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Erindale Anglicare Op Shop

Anglicare’s mission is serving people in need through offering counselling, food, financial assistance, adoption services, migrant and refugee support, and disability and aged care.

Founded in 1865, Anglicare has been able to help thousands of Australians thanks to donations and volunteer work provided by the public. Lucky for you, they’re always happy to have new helping hands so you’ll be sure to find a great volunteering opportunity near you!

Op shops are connection points in their local communities. They’re a safe place where people can drop in, feel valued and find a listening ear. The profits from Anglicare op shops help to support their work in local communities and the continuance of their vital programs.

Many Anglicare op shops are also linked with local Anglican parishes so you can connect with various church activities. Anglicare’s op shops welcome volunteers and provide a number of ways to be involved!

It could be a way of gaining valuable experience working in retail, or maybe you want to join a team that loves helping others. Whatever it is, check out their website to learn more and get involved near you!

If you'd like to donate a large item, please call ahead to check that they can receive what you have to give. Op shops spend millions of dollars a year on rubbish removal so please don't give broken, dirty, or poor quality items.

Check them out and get involved!


31 Grattan Court




Ph. 02 6149 5000