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Endometriosis Awareness Month

Endometriosis affects more than 11% (830,000) of Australian women and those who are gender diverse*. This disease can have a major impact on an individuals quality of life and wellbeing, for many putting their life on hold during and around their period.

Endometriosis is a disease where tissue similar to the lining of the womb grows outside of it and in other parts of the body. While endometriosis is mainly found in the reproductive organs, it is commonly also found in the bowel and bladder. There have been cases where tissue was also found in muscles, joints, the lungs and the brain. Treatment plans are unique to each individuals case so it is important that those with endometriosis access treatment specific to their needs.

The lack of knowledge around endometriosis in the medical community and the complicated nature of this disease may contribute to the 6.5 year delay in diagnosis. This month is a time to address the disparities in healthcare and our understanding of those with endometriosis.

To learn more about endometriosis and the work that needs to be done, please visit their website for more valuable information. If you or someone you know has endometriosis and wants to learn about treatment options, there are some great resources available on their site.

*The Do Something Team acknowledges that endometriosis also affects the transgender and non-binary community, who may not identify as women.

Check them out and get involved!


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