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Don’t Step on a Bee Day

Bees are crucial to the health of our environment. To put it very simply, in the process of bees pollinating plants, they fertilise them, this in turn causes plants to reproduce. So it’s so important that we don’t forget how important bees are for our eco systems and our everyday living.

If we didn’t have our beloved bees to support us, the availability and range of fresh produce would drop substantially and it’s likely that human nutrition would suffer. We would no longer have almonds and would lose 90% of our apple, onion, cucumber, carrot and blueberry supply.

As they pollenate one third of what we eat, our diets would change drastically, not to mention the many other effects it would have on our eco systems and the wellbeing of our wildlife all across the globe.

It is so important that we protect these little friends for all the work that they do for us. Click on the website link to learn more about how you can help! By protecting these fuzzy helpers you are actively helping us to live in a colourful world!

Check them out and get involved!